Lunenburg County Lifestyle Centre

902-530-4100  info@lclc.ca

135 North Park St, Bridgewater NS  B4V 9B3


You can register both online and in person.  The whole process will take about 15 minutes and your final memberships will be ready for pickup within two business days.


Visit guest services at the Lunenburg County Lifestyle Centre:

135 North Park St, Bridgewater NS  B4V 9B3

Don't forget to bring your reading glasses (to fill out the paperwork), your ID and your smile for your personalized membership card.

***Please note:  Photo IDs are required to be taken to issue an ID Card for any membership


Go to www.lclc.ca and go to the LCLC Connect membership portal.

For your first time registering, you must create a new user account.

After you click SIGN UP and complete the required fields for your new account, you will next receive an email with a confirmation link to activate your new account. Then choose your membership preference. The next step is to visit the LCLC in person to finish the membership process, and then getting your photo taken for your personalized membership card. For monthly payment options on a year membership, please visit Guest Services at the LCLC to register in person with your bank account information.  We will be happy to assist.

If you have any questions at any time contact Guest Services at (902) 530-4100.

Visit LCLC Connect for:

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Partners: Town of Bridgewater District of Lunenburg Nova Scotia Canada